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About Us

Revpar Marketing was founded in 2011 by German hotelier Elke Pfeil and is headquartered in Barcelona.

Our multinational team is passionate about unique luxury hotels with a soul and a story. We love showcasing our client hotels to the elite of Europe's travel trade and we thrive on generating bookings.

Our services are ideal for high-end hotels & resorts looking to increase their market share from Europe and wishing to be introduced to the exclusive network of travel professionals in the United Kingdom, the German-speaking markets, Spain, France, Scandinavia and Benelux.

We promote our portfolio entirely B2B and on a luxury level. Based on hands-on international work experience by everyone in our team, we fully understand hotel distribution and the needs & wants of a luxury property. We also know the requirements of top travel designers and what motivates them to send their business to a particular hotel. We create the connection between the two - laying the foundation for mutually productive and long-term cooperation.

Why appoint us to represent your hotel?

  • One company selling directly to the key feeder markets in Europe - no subcontracts, no joint ventures, no alliances with other offices
  • Efficient, result-oriented service provided by hoteliers for hoteliers - we understand RevPar, MPI and GOP
  • Exclusive distribution to an extensive database of high-end travel trade accounts in Europe
  • Strong work ethic and professional communication standards, always protecting our client’s brand image
  • A solid reputation and proven track record
  • Strategic location in Barcelona, Spain
  • A team of native speakers in German, Spanish, French, English and Catalan
  • Offical Traveller Made Partner Representation
  • Established in 2011

Our portfolio will always be small and selected - we choose quality over quantity. Dedication and focus are the essence of our work, delivery is the promise to our clients.