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  • "I've been working closely with Elke, Elisabeth and the rest of the team at Revpar since 2016. There's a real affinity between the clients they represent and our collection at Mr & Mrs Smith. Zannier has alway been a firm favourite within the company and we get amazing feedback from our customers. Elke and the team are very responsive and have an in depth understanding of the industry. They are quick to engage in various campaigns and keen to gain knowledge in the production of each property. I can only see this partnership getting stronger as we go on."

    Charlotte Heyman, Regional Manager, Hotel & Villa Partnerships
    Mr & Mrs Smith

  • "We have cooperated with Elke for different hotels throughout Indochina and it was always (and still is) a pleasant cooperation. The cooperation always has the character of great mutual understanding and finding solutions which works well for both sides, even in case some difficult situation may arise. She knows the German source market very well and therefore it is easy to explain about the needs of our clients – this fact makes it so easy to communicate. She is always balancing the interests of the hotel and the clients – in my case the tour operator – which makes the cooperation very beneficial for both sides."

    Christiane Thoma-Ratnasiri, Senior Product Manager Longhaul
    Airtours & TUI Germany

  • "I got to know Elke from her times at Six Senses, and when she first presented her own new company to us I could tell that in no time she would represent a very nice portfolio. Time has only proved I was right. Apart of the amazing Zannier properties in Cambodia and France, Elke and Gemma are engaged with a real collection of jewels, each of them so different yet so appealing. It is really good to have such nice products so professionally represented in our humble market."

    Ernesto García Dresbach, Executive Manager
    Southern Cross, Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

  • "I have known Elke for many many years now and it was and is always more than a big pleasure to work with her. Her knowledge of the market and excellent relationships as well as her passion and enthusiasm make Elke an absolute PRO in what she is doing! Whenever you need any help or support you can always 100% count on Elke! "

    Susanne Singer, Managing Director
    onefinemoment GmbH, Munich, Germany

  • "Un placer. Así definimos desde MOAH trabajar con Elke y Gemma. Una excelente selección de hoteles, rápida respuesta y con todos los clientes que hemos mandado a sus hoteles, que son bastantes, siempre han estado pendientes de todos los detalles. Gran profesionalidad. Además, en sus visitas a nuestras oficinas de Madrid siempre nos ponen al día y nos cuentan nuevos detalles y experiencias que nuestros clientes podrán disfrutar en sus hoteles. Lo dicho ... un placer."

    Roberto Martín Fuentes, Co-Founder
    MOAH Destinos Exclusivos, Madrid, Spain

  • "I would like to thank Gemma and Elke for their continuous support! It is always a great pleasure to be in contact with either of these very professional ladies and whatever you need they will always do their utmost to fulfill every wish. The Revpar Marketing team knows exactly how to work on a professional level and therefore we are happy to work with them."

    Franziska Hoffmann, Travel Designer
    Design Reisen, Munich, Germany

  • "The fam trip to Namibia organized by Revpar Marketing that led us to know the two Zannier Hotels Sonop and Omaanda has been fantastic. Not only for experiencing these two wonderful hotels, but for the whole organization. Gemma was always very alert of everything and proceeded to make any changes to the planning with great success, contributed to make the whole group feel very comfortable and enjoy our stay. Congratulations to the organization and especially to Gemma for everything. Jokingly we commented that Gemma could organize another fam, since surely we would all sign up!! Congratulations on the good work. It is much appreciated. Thank you very much for inviting Xavi Fernandez Viajes."

    Lourdes Espinos, Co-Owner, Marketing & Communications
    Xavi Fernandez Viajes, Barcelona, Spain

  • "Thank you very much for inviting us to the Zannier properties in Namibia. It was a real dream! Gemma is amazing, very honest and professional. It was a pleasure travelling with her as a team leader. It’s really nice when you realize that you work with people like her. What could I say about Zannier Hotels? I am in love with all of them, they are a sure success!"

    Ariadna Soler, Product Manager
    Mundo Expedicion, Madrid, Spain